Just What Is Acid Stained Concrete?

Wondering ‘what is acid stained concrete’?

Well, technically, acid staining is the results of the mixture of water, acid, and inorganic salts that react with minerals in the concrete. Concrete acid stain permeates the concrete to give a deep coloration the won't peel or flake.

The non technical answer to this question is gorgeous COLOR! Turn that 'drab slab' into a warm inviting living space that will be around virtually for the life of the surface with proper maintenance.

Acid Staining/Etching

acid stain concrete

Just so you know when you are talking with your contractor, acid staining is the process of applying color, and acid etching is the process of cleaning and "roughing up" the surface in a micro way.

Using an acid to clean your cement may diminish how well the acid stain will 'take'. Check with your contractor or product supplier before cleaning to see if the products you are using will be compatible.

Old or New?

Acid stains can be applied to an old or new concrete floor, walkway, patio, driveway or any other concrete surface.

Old concrete is patched if needed, and cleaned prior to staining. If you are wanting to apply a concrete acid stain to an old floor, especially a garage, kitchen or driveway, all oils and contaminants must be removed for the stain to react uniformly.

Our goal is to have your concrete 'cleaner than new', so your stain takes well, and you end up with a floor that will enhance your home or property.

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