Poured in Place Concrete Countertop
Some Pros and Cons

Are you considering a poured in place concrete countertop(cast in place) for your kitchen, bathroom, or other counter surface? I would like to help you with your planning so you know what you can expect.

Pros for Poured in Place:

  • No heavy tops to move
  • Longer lengths are possible without seams
  • Less labor intensive
  • No large shop or space needed
  • No large truck for transporting needed
  • Less muscle or manpower needed to get the job done

  • Cons for Poured in Place:
  • More of a mess in existing house/room
  • Lots of protecting to do for walls, floors and cabinets
  • Some of the looks you can get with pre-cast counters are not possible with poured in place
  • Requires an expert finisher to have a really great finish which will last for years to come

  • Pros for Precast Counters:
  • Mess is contained in your shop/garage or your contractor's shop
  • More looks and designs are possible
  • Better quality control of products
  • Easier to mix/pour concrete and dyes without worries of other indoor surfaces

  • Cons for Precast Counters:
  • Transportation of product from your shop/garage requires more manpower depending on the size and length of the top
  • Large shop area required for pouring area and/or multiple pieces for your project
  • Must be cured before product can be moved
  • Poured in place countertops are a great option for your remodeling projects for your bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops, wet bar, craft room, and even an outdoor counter for your BBQ area.

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