Stamped Concrete - What Is It?

Stamped Concrete is fast becoming the chosen material to economically add beauty and durability to living spaces and to highly increase your curb appeal.

Concrete stamping is the process of adding texture to make your concrete resemble different stones and other paving materials like brick, pavers, tile and wood.

We at Ornamental Concrete wish to help you every step of the way to create the perfect design of your decorative concrete whether it is an interior or exterior project.

Steps to a Completed Stamped Concrete Project

stamped concrete

The first step to creating your living space is to have the concrete poured. If you want to have a colored look to your project, the color is applied at this point with either a liquid integral or a dry broadcast color hardener. A colored release agent is then applied to allow easy removal of the stamps so the concrete isn’t disturbed or so the concrete doesn’t stick to the mats, ruining the texture.

Shortly after the concrete has been colored, stamp mats or forms are pressed into the concrete while it is still in its elastic state, to achieve texture and pattern.

stamped concrete driveway After allowing the project to cure for 24 hours, the release agent is washed off and a sealant is applied to protect and add lasting durability.

Concrete that is stamped, also called imprinted concrete can be made to resemble just about anything you like – the ideas are really limitless.

  • Bricks
  • Flagstones
  • Stone
  • Seashells or fossils
  • Tile
  • Boulders
  • Wood
  • Concrete that is stamped is functional, decorative and adds value to your home. Properly maintained, it can last the life of the concrete pad. Many homeowners like to add stamped, colored concrete in their landscape designs to add curb appeal and to lend a high-end look to their home.

    Super durable and cheaper than real stone, stamped concrete is a great choice for your next renovation project. You can use stamped decorative concrete for outdoor living spaces like: pool decks, driveways, patios, sidewalks, even parking lots and outdoor kitchen/barbecue pits, not to mention interior living spaces like: the floors of your garages, basements, kitchens and countertops in your kitchen, bathrooms – really anywhere.

    So, Why do People Ask for Stamped Concrete Finishes on Their Indoor or Outdoor Living Spaces?

    It provides a beautiful “canvas” on which we can create an economical replica of more expensive, high-end stone materials while maintaining a natural authentic look. We create a look that will blend with your existing house and landscaping style. Maybe you want the same colors and shapes as existing buildings or other structures, or you want your steps to look brick like your house. We can help you create your next project from start to finish.

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